AstroAgency established itself as the first space focused marketing agency in the UK, providing innovative companies with the strategic guidance to thrive in the new commercial space market. Our expertise is perfectly suited to assist anyone looking to grow their business in the space market, from space and non-space companies to industry groups and organisations that represent the wider interests of the space sector.

The UK space industry is a complicated landscape containing a wide variety of public and private sector stakeholders. There’s an 'alphabet soup' of regulators, industry bodies, space agencies, grant providers, conference organisers and enterprise agencies, as well as a growing number of ‘new space’ start ups and ‘old space’ primes all competing for attention in a highly lucrative and fast-growing market. One of the most common issues we see in the space industry is companies that offer innovative products and services unable to break through and promote their businesses because they are not aware of how to do so, or because they are unable to track the plethora of exciting opportunities that exist.

With the UK government committed to doubling its share of the global space market, ‘clusters’ of space companies springing up all over Britain, satellites, launch vehicles and spaceports being built and services throughout the supply chain receiving regular funding boosts from government and private investors, space is most definitely open for business.

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