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The Role of Space Technology Transfer in a Post COVID-19 Era
Words like bounce-back, rebuild, pivot, restart are being used in articles, webinars and conversation in today’s day-to-day business. Some reports predict the economy is on a slow rebuild post COVID 19, others of a delayed bounce-back as headlines warn us of the worst recession in our lifetime. In the space industry, discussions with industry professionals are highlighting a more optimistic view, referring to nearer-term bounce-back opportunities. The question remains – what does this really mean? What does it mean to the survival of space companies in the short-term, their ability to adapt to a new normal in the medium term and their resilience against future disruptions in the long-term?
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AstroAgency has created a role for a paid Space Copywriter intern to perform a variety of marketing and PR related tasks for the organisation and our space industry clients.
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What to do before starting an online project? A simplified version of a marketing checklist.
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Latest news on launchers, satellites, science and military sectors.
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During the 1950s, the world’s two greatest superpowers were in an all-out race to send humans to the Moon. During this time, political propaganda was just as much a weapon against the opposing nation as the engineering behind the rockets and satellites. Posters, radio shows, and movies were used to encapsulate the unprecedented speed at which their nation was innovating. This time played a significant role in the development of space programs and technologies around the globe. Today, we are experiencing a new space age, but this time it is driven by private companies instead of nations.
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