Marketing Checklist From AstroAgency

What to do before starting an online project? A simplified version of a marketing checklist.

What to do before starting an online project?

  • Competitor analysis
  • Find out which platforms were used to create sites
  • Determine which ad channels competitors use
  • View search results
  • Analyse Facebook and Instagram pages
  • Analyse the Youtube channel


Project preparation

Website users are very demanding. They want everything to be simple, clear and pleasing to the eye. Therefore, you need to pay attention to usability, so that the user can quickly select everything that they need, so that they can complete their actions on the site without much difficulty.

It is worth conducting QA-testing of the website to determine the main errors and understand how critical they are. The client must correct them before launching the advertisement so as not to waste money.

It is also worth comparing the functionality of your site with competitors to see its advantages and disadvantages.


Connect web analytics

Before you start advertising, you need to connect Google Analytics to the website, set goals and connect ecommerce plugins and applications. We also recommend using convenient tools for data visualisation. They allow you to see in real time what is happening with the project and what is its effectiveness.


Decide on goals and KPIs

It is important to understand at what stage of development your project is. And at this stage it is worth setting goals and determining the KPIs to which you should strive.

List of Internet marketing tools during the initial phase

At this stage, it is important to test the most effective Internet marketing tools. To do this, you need to work with “warm traffic”. Required KPIs are:

  • ROI (return of investment)
  • CPA (cost per action)
  • Revenue
  • Number of transactions
  • Targeted traffic


Search advertising

Another tool that must be used from the launch of the site. When a user makes a request, paid search advertising can take up to the first four blocks in the search results. Due to the fact that it occupies as many as four blocks, many users simply do not reach the organic searches. They open the first two or three links and choose what interests them first of all. Only if they did not find anything suitable there, do they begin to scroll below this.


Paid search advertising takes up most of the first screen, and if Google Shopping is also located at the top of the search results, organic searches are located deep below.


Google Ads allows you to plan an estimated budget for search ads. These numbers are based on statistics, so they are not accurate. If you specify the keywords that you plan to use in search advertising, you will get a forecast of the estimated budget, impressions, clicks, cost-per-click, etc. You will also see a breakdown by device and by location. If you choose a country, you will approximately see how much traffic will come from each city.


Organic traffic

Organic traffic is free, you don’t have to pay for clicks. But if search advertising can be launched quite quickly, then organic traffic must wait at least six months.


Remarketing on Google Ads

Remarketing can be search, display, and dynamic. In Google Analytics, you can define and segment the audience of users who visited your site. You can customise ads on them. Dynamic remarketing is most effective. With it, you can show users the advertisement of the products that they viewed.


Push notifications

When a user visits the site, they see a window at the top of the screen offering to show notifications. If the user agrees to be shown, they will see push notifications with new site updates. This tool is free, but it needs to be properly configured.


Business pages on social networks

At the beginning of the development of the project, it is worth creating a business page and gradually filling it. This will allow you to put a link to the social network on your site. Users will be able to follow it and make sure that the company is alive, read reviews about it, etc.

Initially, one post per week is enough. In the future, this will help develop the community on social networks and make better use of targeted advertising.

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