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A pillar of the sector and a driver of innovation, the satellite industry
encompasses the design, development, prototyping, manufacture, test,
certification, licensing and operation of an increasingly broad range of


We help this complex supply chain stay visible and well connected to
support the growth of the sector.


The growth of the space sector has generated a sprawling ecosystem of supporting
legal, research and regulatory practises, building the day-to-day
groundwork to frame and accelerate the sector’s growth.


As a space service company ourselves, we understand the value of such
services in supporting the acceleration of the sector’s growth. This insight
distinguishes our specialised services and brings a unique perspective to
our strategic marketing guidance and sectoral knowledge.


States play a major role in the industry, from fostering academic and
research capacities to framing the vital regulatory aspects in order to
safeguard activities beyond the Earth. Moreover, with the advent of “New Space”,
the previously exclusive club of space-faring nations is open to every
country in the world.


AstroAgency helps governments, their agencies and institutions to nurture
the intellectual and commercial environments that will deliver inclusive
and sustainable space economies, while matching local capabilities with
global opportunities to help deliver economic value, new jobs and inspire
younger generations.


Access to space is accelerating. Launchers now offer cheaper means of
getting payloads into orbit and beyond, while a growing ecosystem of
spaceport and testing infrastructure, advanced manufacturing and wider
supply chain activity, such as engineering firms, launch brokers and
insurers develops to support them.


We make sure the right combination of offerings come together to deliver
the best value to our clients across this ecosystem.


Combining satellite data with AI, machine learning algorithms and other
images & sensory signals yields powerful insights, the benefits of which are
impacting the environment, businesses, local and national governments,
as well as wider society. A new global market has developed to capitalise
on data from space, with management and analysis capabilities developing
into fully realised information delivery services.


We help connect space data companies with adjacent sectors in which they
can deliver enormous value.

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