AstroAgency’s SpaceBar

Bringing the Space Community Together During COVID-19

 Since early April the space community has been gathering online every Thursday —whiskies, beers, or cups of tea in hand— to virtually network and explore all things space with fellow enthusiasts at AstroAgency’s SpaceBar.

Tell me more about the SpaceBar?

AstroAgency devised the SpaceBar as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and as a way to bring the space community together for virtual networking and engaging discussions. Like any good bar, the SpaceBar has garnered some regular patrons, as well a steady stream of new visitors — past events have had 40 to 100 participants, with discussion continuing long into the night.

All of the SpaceBar sessions —12 so far— have been held on Zoom. Participants are able to share screens, engage in polls, and use different functions to see and interact with one another — making it a more engaging environment for everyone involved, and keeping the setting as close to a physical bar as possible.

Moderators guide discussion on a variety of exciting topics, covering everything from AI and robotics to space tourism for UK rocket launches. Participants are encouraged to join panels moderated by an expert in the field and discuss the topics that appeal to them. Once the panel is over, we open it up to the audience where conversations continue to flourish.

What makes the SpaceBar Special?

The SpaceBar has brought together members of the space community from all over the world with diverse backgrounds and expertise. The interactive, informal format gives those who want to engage in the conversations a chance to do so rather than to simply ‘listen in’ — unlike the format of most other events. This platform is a simple, yet successful way to engage space enthusiasts and build connections until the world reopens.

What has been the impact of the SpaceBar for AstroAgency?

Running the Space Bar has proved to be a great success, not only because it connects the space community during these interesting times, but it has also shown that a lot can be done with little money in terms of marketing. 

One of the surest signs of success has been seeing others adopt similar ideas, which continues to prove the need for connection and building one’s network during these challenging times.

At AstroAgency, we believe It's important to react fast to the situations that happen in the world. While others were thinking we were launching our SpaceBar and bringing the space community together. As a marketing agency we are able to help your company to do the same in any situation: gather ideas, organise anything that needs organising, and make the best out of any situation.

How do I get involved?

Wherever you are, if you want to do some virtual networking and discuss all things space, then pour yourself a whisky, beer, or cup of tea and join us! The SpaceBar meets on Zoom fortnightly on Thursdays from 19:00 GMT+1. You can find upcoming events here, and keep an eye on AstroAgency’s Twitter and LinkedIn feeds for updates.


  • “AstroAgency have done a great thing. The space resources panel was so enlightening. I had no idea ahead, what to expect, but will be attending more of these in future.” — Nick Howes
  • “Another amazing #spacebar even if you don't drink like myself, join space enthusiasts, scientist and engineers on this week's Space Bar.” — Syed Hussain Bokhari
  • “Our pleasure to be able to participate in #SpaceBar. It’s a brilliant concept and great way to learn more about Space and meet more great people!! See you next week.” — Northern Space & Security
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