ROOM, Technology transfer and the ‘local’ space market

AstroAgency Creative Director , Daniel Smith explores cross-sector technology applications with Prof. David Alexander of Rice University.


This article was published in Issue #3(29) 2021 of Room The Space Journal of Asgardia.


Daniel and David Alexander, Professor of Astrophysics at Rice University in Houston contributed an important insight into the business opportunities promised by the continued accelerated growth of the space sector.


Spaceflight is a uniquely challenging endeavour, requiring technology to operate reliably in extreme environments. In this article, Daniel and David illustrate the tremendous benefits of translating technologies developed for specific industries into solutions for space-applications, and vice versa.


Shared technical challenges can be met by the same technology but are held back by traditional business thinking. Reaching beyond vertical thinking to achieve a holistic vision of technology infusion, will yield more and better opportunities across sectors.


Read the full article at ROOM, or download the PDF hereTechnology transfer and the ‘local’ space market

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