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Our services have been tailored around the space market and companies keen to enter the space market. One of the most common issues we see in the space industry, is many companies offering innovative products and services, but unable to break through and promote their talent, either because they are not aware of how to do so, or because they are not aware of the opportunities on offer.
what we do OUR SERVICES
The range of services provided by AstroAgency have been tailored around organisations already working in the space market and companies looking to enter and grow their business in the UK space industry. We build brand awareness, 'route-to market' strategies and open doors to new opportunities, allowing you to focus on the delivery of your core business priorities.

Brand design & Key messaging
Media communications
Introductions & connections
Key events strategy
Lead generation & Sales funnel


Strategic space sector guidance
Market analysis
Funding & investments
Space standards, licensing, regulations


Ad campaign delivery
Social media
Seo & analytics
Website Development

Value proposition What makes us different

Each team member has practical experience of working in the space sector for technical companies; we're not 'just another' marketing agency!


Unique combination of Space sector and IT expertise enables the agency to fully understand and meet our clients' needs, while staying ahead of the curve


Established personal reputations & strong connections across the full value chain of the space ecosystem, including space journals and publications delivery

  • Step 1 – GET IN TOUCH!

    Send us a short message or pick up the phone for a quick chat. We only need to know your organisation name & whether you’re a start-up, existing space company or a non-space business

  • Step 2 – AUDIT

    We will assess your current market position and key messaging in order to understand how you are presented in the space sector and who your competitors are, as well as identifying opportunities for growth

  • Step 3 – PROPOSAL

    Once we have completed the audit, we will send you a no obligation proposal to consider, with a costed action plan tailored to your business

supporting space CLIENT SNAPSHOT

"As a company participating in the ESA business incubation programme, we have the right support for our technology development, but raising awareness of the team’s work is critical for gaining credibility, partnerships and most importantly, paying clients. We’re pleased to have a marketing partner that understands the space industry and can support in such a wide variety of ways. We look forward to announcing more big stories together!" Andrew Paliwoda, Responsive Access CEO

"From the moment we started working with AstroAgency we realised what we had been missing." Clive Simpson, Managing Editor, ROOM Space Journal

"The reason Airborne Engineering chose to work with AstroAgency, was because of the unique value they provide as a space and technology marketing agency. With their space backgrounds they understand the industry, and they really are passionate about seeing it grow!" - James McFarlane, Airborne Engineering CEO

AstroAgency’s SpaceBar
Bringing the Space Community Together During COVID-19
Responsive Access
Sourcing funding, events strategy, industry publications
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One of the first things we do for clients here at AstroAgency is to get to know our new client’s online presence through a detailed website audit. To help you get started we’ve also included a 4-step website audit guide which takes you through the basics.
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A new space sector initiative was agreed this week between Scotland’s Spaceport sites. The Scottish Space Leadership Council has announced the formation of the Spaceports Alliance, a sectoral Working Group which aims to represent the common interests of the UK Spaceport community, to facilitate rapid progress in developing the national infrastructure for, and international promotion of, the country’s space launch capabilities.
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The Role of Space Technology Transfer in a Post COVID-19 Era
Words like bounce-back, rebuild, pivot, restart are being used in articles, webinars and conversation in today’s day-to-day business. Some reports predict the economy is on a slow rebuild post COVID 19, others of a delayed bounce-back as headlines warn us of the worst recession in our lifetime. In the space industry, discussions with industry professionals are highlighting a more optimistic view, referring to nearer-term bounce-back opportunities. The question remains – what does this really mean? What does it mean to the survival of space companies in the short-term, their ability to adapt to a new normal in the medium term and their resilience against future disruptions in the long-term?
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